C&B specialise in small production, high quality wines.

The art of utilising the world’s best wines for growth has been around for decades. However, the fine wine market is no longer limited to the privileged and wealthy. During the past decade the strength and consistency of the market has attracted a much wider audience. The utilisation of global trading platforms has enabled wine to be bought and sold quickly and efficiently to customers all over the world, much like any other commodity, whilst at the same time illustrating how demand for the top products has risen exponentially.

Whether you are a consumer, a connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of fine wine, C&B will provide you with all the necessary pre-requisites in order for you to optimise all aspects of this progressive, alternative market, offering you the opportunity to acquire some of the most exciting wines the world has to offer.

C&B has exclusive access to products that are largely inaccessible to merchants, retailers and brokerages. As scarcity is a major factor in the consistent growth seen within this market, our products offer you untapped potential.

Over the past decade C&B has established a network of trade contacts across both Europe and Asia, including Mainland China. We are also listed as a recommended supplier in Decanter Magazine and are members of the London Chamber of Commerce.

We have various trade options available, offering the flexibility to trade wines into the most profitable territories when the time comes to action a sale. This enables us to execute the sale of your wine in line with your wider financial plans.

We will monitor the market on your behalf keeping you aware of any growth patterns, selling opportunities and optimum yields; you can even set a trigger price at which we can start an automated trade process. Because C&B operates as a merchant as well as a brokerage we do not charge commission for client trades.


“Investors have been turning to alternative assets such as fine wine in recent months to diversify their portfolios and hedge against the threat of inflation.”

Financial Times June 2013