The term Old World refers to European releases and is predominantly used when referring to French wine. The history of wine and wine making can be traced back thousands of years with the origin of specific wines in the 4th Century AD. This sort of history has led to the top French wines having a reputation which is beyond reproach.

These are predominantly from Bordeaux and are classified in a tier system created in 1855 by Napoleon III. All wines being classified into growths from 1 to 5 with strict laws governing the acreage used by the First Growth Chateaux. This has kept output unchanged and to a minimum. The First Growth wines, or as they are sometimes known ‘The Premier Cru’ have remained unchanged with the exception of the addition of Chateau Mouton Rothschild, promoted from a Second Growth to a First Growth wine in 1979. The original First Growth Chateaux are Lafite Rothschild, Latour, Margaux and Haut Brion.

New World wine is a general description of a product hailing from outside of Europe with Australia and America producing wines of note. South Australia and California produce a small quantity of exceptional wines and these products are differentiated from the French wines by virtue of their earlier maturity dates and lower production levels.

In the majority of cases, top-end wines from these areas start to mature from the five to eight year point, an average of ten years before their French counterparts. These wines are also made in significantly smaller quantities than the French products, often to no more than a thousand cases per vintage. This has helped many of these wines create a cult following.

Traditionally, French wine has always been seen as superior to its competitors from the New World in terms of quality but with Parker’s grading system eradicating any bias or conjecture, all wines are now judged on their merits. The bottle price of the top New World wines also compares very favourably with the Old World and brings with it exciting potential for growth. With many of these wines coming from up to 200-year-old vines, tested over time, C&B aims to build a healthy spread of the best the New and Old World have to offer.

Our portfolio not only offers current vintages but also a large selection of aged wines.